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Grace T. Chu, D.M.D., P.A.

Dallas, TX


Dr. Grace Chu


Thank you for selecting the endodontic office of Dr. Grace Chu, an endodontic specialty office that is dedicated to providing an exceptional care and the pursuit of excellence utilizing the state-of-the-art technology.

Our mission is to provide you with the finest and up to date endodontic care in a relaxing and comfortable environment.  Patient care is our top priority and we partner with our patients and referring dentists to provide the optimal treatment options available. 

Practice Profile

Our practice utilizes several of the newest technology in endodontics and dentistry for your treatment.  We use surgical operating microscope and digital radiography that can be viewed through the monitor in the room during the treatment. We use a sophisticated endodontic software that will enable your dentist to view all phases of your treatment via computer, as well as allowing you to register and update your information online at your convenience. 

Our commitment to excellence in providing endodontic care has allowed us to provide lasting relationships with our patients and long term success.  

Patient Testimonials

Dear Dr. Grace Chu:

I want to thank you for the exceptional care and quality Endodontic services you have provided me over the past year in performing two root canal procedures.  The results of both procedures were excellent and very successful.  You and your assistant went to great lengths to make absolutely sure I was very comfortable and pain-free throughout both of my root canal procedures.

But much more importantly, you demonstrated an extraordinary effort to follow-up with me via telephone and emails to insure I was feeling well and to make sure my tooth and gums were healing properly.  I have never had a doctor provide post-procedure follow-up care the way that you have and I’m so thankful for the sincere and genuine care you that have demonstrated. 

I’m glad my dentist, Dr. Gerkin, recommended you and I am 100% pleased with the services and care you provided me.  I positively recommend and endorse you and your exceptional services to anyone who is in need of Endodontic care.

Thank you again Dr. Chu.


Rob Burchett

I was in pain for 5 days and the 5th day I could not take the pain any longer. I got off work and went home and took iBuprofen and Dr. Chu told me to meet me at her office at 7:30pm. I took my wife with me just in case I was knocked out because of the anesthesia. The procedure was complete around 10:15. Which Dr. takes in a client that she has never met in her life that late. She went above and beyond and I would recommend her to everyone. She took me out of pain and I am a painless man now. I feel great and my tooth loves her for that. You are the best Dr. Chu. Thank you once again! P.S - She will call you over and over again to make sure you are 100% PERFECT and the tooth is doing good and painless. LOVE IT!

Daniel Ali

Dr. Grace Chu is the best Endodontist in the Dallas area. She comes highly recommended by the top general practice Dentists in the area. She is extremely thorough in her examinations using the latest technologies and able to diagnose issues that may be missed by general Dentists. Her chair side manner is friendly and she takes the time to explain her diagnoses and the procedure. It's easy to see why so many Dentists refer their patients to her.

Steven G.

What a wonderful experience it has been working with Dr Chu! I initially discovered a problem with a tooth that had been previously treated and was causing pain again. I was referred to Dr Chu and from the initial contact she was phenomenal. She was professional and personable throughout the process. The consultation was very informative and she was confident that she could do a re-treatment. Prior to the treatment, Dr Chu gave me specific details of what needed to be done and details on insurance coverage. On the day, she made me as comfortable as possible and give me step by step instructions on what she was doing. After the process, Dr Chu continuously follow up with me to ensure I was healing properly. Her service was impeccable. And I would highly recommend Dr Chu!

Lynell Jones

I was referred to Dr. Chu for a possible root canal treatment. Immediately she won me over by her graciousness by coming out to find me because I was not able to locate her office. During the examination, she had exceptional bed side manners and her level of excellence for her patients was evident by the way she treated me. She discovered I did not need endodontic care but I needed to see a periodontist instead. She was very knowledgeable, thorough, and exhibited scrupulous care. I love her level of integrity and honesty. I'm happy she did not go ahead with a root canal treatment. Thank you for your excellent character, Dr Chu

Rachel Por